Comme des Garçons Who got it Right – MET GALA 2017

Every year on the first Monday in May, the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts an extravagant, star-studded black tie benefit to raise money for the Costume Institute, a self-funded wing of the museum where the most amazing fashion pieces are curated and exhibited. The MET Gala, also known as “the party of the year,” attracts the most popular attendees from fashion, film, music, politics and … Continue reading Comme des Garçons Who got it Right – MET GALA 2017

Rugged -Chic in New Brooklyn

Let’s talk Easter in Brooklyn! Easter has always  been one of the more relaxed holidays for me. Although growing up in the Caribbean Easter meant some extra housework (like at Christmas) and pastel colored dresses with ‘nice’ shoes, as a Brooklyn Girl my style AND lifestyle has surely taken a different turn living in New York City. I often opt out of the cute pastel dresses for dark skirts and I usually forego the ‘nice’ shoes for some sexy boots.  I love Spring and more importantly, I love a great Spring wardrobe! The weather is warmer with a little nip of chill air from time to time, which allows for the ultimate seasonal cross-over of boots and mini skirts. The warmer weather also gives one liberty to go exploring in the neighborhood!

This Easter weekend I’m out on the town soaking up that New Brooklyn lifestyle, where we’re still in a nebulous state as cultures merge and start to take form. I’m a huge proponent of merging cultures as I like to learn and explore new things, and from the looks of it, Crown Heights is fast becoming a budding version of the East Village. It’s nice to be able to absorb all that art and culture right in my back yard.  From the foods to the fashion, the New Brooklyn lifestyle is taking on a life of its own and now it’s a bit more like me – a mixture of rugged and chic! Enjoy!



Happy Easter!!!



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#ModernEtiquetteSeries – Spring into Love in Good Taste

  As Spring time rolls around, we’re welcoming the birth of new things – wardrobe, shoes, social life, possibly friends and sometimes new personal relationships. Everyone wants to have someone special in their lives at this time to bring to the spring brunches and summer events. Humans are mostly social people, we need companionship. But what if you’re just getting out of a previous relationship? … Continue reading #ModernEtiquetteSeries – Spring into Love in Good Taste

NYFW February 2017: It’s a Wrap!

Another New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has come and quickly passed, and the February 2017 Collections seemed to have drummed up more political media than anything else. Although there were some distinctive looks shown this season, presentations reeked with political undertones. Many designers took this opportunity to make strong statements against the current Trump administration, others stuck to the more traditional settings, and others yet … Continue reading NYFW February 2017: It’s a Wrap!

Caribbean’s Next Top Model – Feet off the Ground

Another week, another physical challenge for the ladies vying for the title of Caribbean’s Next Model. Last week they felt the burn and ran through the paces like an American footballer, and this week they faced the true model challenge of having to acknowledge the movements of their own bodies. A model needs to understand her body as much as she needs to understand her environment … Continue reading Caribbean’s Next Top Model – Feet off the Ground

When Your Leaders Help Create Monsters

Over the past two weeks, one thing has been made clear: the authority figures of Trinidad and Tobago add fuel to the fire that is burning down the country. With the steady, almost daily, increase of violence against women, citizens find themselves consistently questioning the direction of the country and what measures can and should be taking place for the safety of women. There has been … Continue reading When Your Leaders Help Create Monsters

Top 12 Stand Our Looks – Grammys 2017

Hands down the best Red Carpet for every Awards season, the Grammys bring together music and fashion on one spectacular stage! Here’s where we expect our arrivals to really shine.  This year, there wasn’t as many outstanding looks as in previous years, but there were a few that really embodied the occasion and made a statement, like Skylar Grey’s feminist clutch. Here are some of … Continue reading Top 12 Stand Our Looks – Grammys 2017